Lagos Economic Action Programme


In mid to late 2022, FirstHome Mortgage Brokers will be providing a number of new fintech services which will enable the company to improve the quality and number of its online professional/financial services/products to our clients.

LEAP into new and innovative services

We intend to provide the following services –

Money transfer facilities

Mobile wallets


We are aware that our customers demand and require updated and improved services. We are therefore committed to providing these modern financial products, which will meet growing demand.

The Economic Context to this Venture Can Be Summarised By the Following Facts:

Lagos is one of the fastest growing cities in the world, with the population expected to grow by 30% by 2050. Nigeria is leading the way in sub-Saharan Africa, with procuring investment in the fintech and digital sectors. Over USD $160 million dollars investment was secured by the Nigeria fintech sector in the last year, even accounting for the COVID-19 pandemic

Under the brand title and platform of Lagos Economic Action Programme (LEAP), FHMB has established a new development company based in the UK and we are actively seeking first stage investors and partners to realise this initiative.

First stage investment will enable us to provide the fintech services listed above. It will also give us the digital platform to consolidate our business and provide added value to our customers.

To augment the fintech services, FirstHome Mortgage Brokers Ltd have designed an exciting and dynamic urban regeneration project, which will provide housing, business, investment, employment and social facilities for residents of Lagos.

As a backdrop to this facility, we are currently working with local and international strategic partners, bringing together a programme, which will harness the talent of local people to realize their full potential. This project will help to drive economic growth within urban Lagos.


It will implement the following projects:

  • Enable FHMB to acquire software and digital technology, which will deliver improved and additional services to our customers. The FHMB app will be multifaceted.
  • Acquisition of land in Lagos State.
  • The development and construction of affordable homes.
  • The design and implementation of an innovation and technology centre, supporting young entrepreneurs and providing business incubation services
  • The innovation and technology centre will provide access to finance, technology and digital support to local fintech/software companies

  • Establishment of a community centre, providing healthcare to women, men, young children and nursery provision for infants.

The programme is led by Mrs. Olajumoke Fashanu, our Managing Director. Supported by her management and sales teams, Olajumoke has inspired a stratospheric vision to improve the quality of life for local people, by advancing socio-economic facilities, through the work of FHMB.

The FHMB team are supported daily by economic development practitioners in London, UK, who have successfully implemented numerous projects worth over N1.1 trillion naira (£2 billion UK pounds), using modern state-of the art project design methods and technologies.

FinTech Services
Powered By LEAP!

In order to deliver this bold vision., we are working closely with Lagos State Government. FHMB will adhere to regulatory and statutory requirements as required, guaranteeing that the project is delivered to the highest, exacting international standards.

We will work closely also with key local organizations, including the Lagos Chamber of Commerce and other professional bodies.

Further announcements about LEAP will be made by the end of April 2022 and a full programme of activities will be published soon. Customers and users of this site can also see further information on the FHMB blog.

A dedicated project office will be set up within FirstHome, such details to be available shortly. We very much look forward to working with local people and
delivering this ground breaking project.